Some of the most popular of Subways specials are readily available every day of the week. There is no need to wait for happy hour or a special deal day to make some savings – the best tend to be available all the time. This can be credited towards the continual rise in popularity of subway throughout the world, as many are coming back for more fresh sandwiches they know come with some awesome specials each and every day. This gives patrons a chance for a healthier alternative to local fast food eateries. Find the subway specials in the table below.


All Subway Specials Come with:

- A Bag Of Chips

- Fountain Drink


Choose one 6 inch Sandwich:

- Black Forest Ham

- Italian B.M.T

- Meatball Marinara

- Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

- Tuna

- Turkey Breast

Perhaps the most prominent of the Subway specials is the $6 menu. For this low price you get a six inch Subway sandwich, a bag of chips and a 21oz fountain. Some of Subways most popular sandwiches can be found in this deal, including the Meatball Marinara and the Italian B.M.T. The fact you get a drink and nice snack to boot just showcases the type of Subway specials that can be enjoyed every day.

There are other ways that the Subway specials work, with many of them used to help introduce a new and exclusive sandwich. With so many new creations always ready to be tested on the public’s taste buds, plenty of new items are rolled out as Subway specials to see how popular they are. A lot of the time this leads to some limited promotions or special items being available for a short time period. This can allow more of a buzz to be centred on certain foods from Subway and should be taken advantage off before they are no longer available!

No matter what the Subway specials may be, long term or short, we aim to keep on top of any changes that may occur. Any time there is a new addition to Subways specials and deals, we will be the first to inform you, so make sure to swing by anytime you are curious to see what is on offer. You never know what promotion may have slipped past you, all we want to do is ensure you get the opportunity to take advantage of every deal possible and save some money in the process!


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