The Red robin seems to find it a more suitable option to withdraw the scheme of happy hours and try to keep a stable and uniform price of the food items. This may seem to be a disappointment for the food lovers but it is their managerial decision which we must respect.

However, having a stable and moderate price level the consumers will not have much to be upset about. Nevertheless the consumers would be optimistic about the fact that the red robins would sometimes reconsider its decision and the good old days of the Red robin happy hour would be back.  At our website we would notify the eager readers if the happy hours are back.


- Bottom Less Fries with any Burger Entree
$3.00 DRINKS


One may feel that it is better not to have a happy hour where the hotels would not be able to keep its commitments or live up to its reputation. The amazing fact is that some restaurants that offer discounts at happy hours tend to compromise either on their food or on their services during such happy hours. It is really insulting when the waiter snubs their shoulders on people who come at the happy hours. The service is almost as important as the food itself.

In such a case one would not mind not availing for a discount, as he is assured of the fact that the quality is bound to remain stable. There are some people who may unintentionally enter the eating joint at the happy hours, in case they enter at an inconvenient happy hour the customers may get a bad experience.

The peculiar thing about the many of the eating joints is that there needs to be frequent updates about their performances. Many places often tend to either raise their price or compromise on quality or quantity when there is a cost hike. Perhaps it is better to first conserve the quality before conserving the price, as goodwill is priceless.

One cannot however ignore the fact that a low priced eatery may not always give you bad service or poor quality food. The Red Robin Royalty is the perfect example of that. Although it has done away with the Red Robin Royalty, the customers still have something to cheer about. The quality and the service is not compromised.

The Red Robin Royalty allows the food lovers to get their teeth on some delicious burgers. If they avail for this scheme then the customers are certainly in for a lovely treat. This is perhaps a very good consolation for the repeal of the happy hours. The customers of Red Robin were mostly concerned about the burgers any ways.

Nevertheless, the older generation may not be too pleased with this decision. They may prefer a more hearty meal instead. Sadly the rule of life is always that, while stands to gain, the other would lose out.

The Red Robin Royalty still is pretty much not the same as the happy hour. It is not that effective like the old Red Robin Happy hour as the happy hour actually reduced the prices at certain points of time.

As a food lovers, we would certainly be on the watch as to when could we could again see the happy hours.


You can expect to visit a Red Robin during the hours of 11 am to 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday and like many restaurants it remains open an hour late during the weekend that is Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 11 pm.


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