Benihana can be thanks for the popularising the teppanyaki style of restaurant in the United States. Taking inspiration from Japan, these styles of restaurants specialises in cooking foods from heated iron griddles, which is traditionally performed in front of guests visiting the restaurant. Benihana serves some of the best known teppanyaki dishes around, cooking the likes of steak, sea food, chicken and various vegetables which tend to be prepared with the likes of soybean oil. While not everyone has had the chance to experience teppanyaki, the Benihana Happy Hour menu provides a great opportunity for anyone curious about this delicious style of food.

4 PM - 7PM



-Seaweed Salad


-Salmon Nigiri
2 pieces

-Shrimp Nigiri
2 pieces

-Tuna Nigiri
2 pieces

-Yellowtail Nigiri
2 pieces

-Salmon Hand Roll

-Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll

-Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

-Yellowtail Hand Roll

$4.5 MENU

-California Roll

-Philadelphia Roll

-Spicy Tuna Roll

-California Poppers

-Pan Fried Beef Gyoza Dumplings

-Shrimp Tempura

-Yellowtail Sashimi
w/ Jalapeno


-Teriyaki Wings


-Caterpillar Roll

-Chili Shrimp Roll

-Dragon Roll

-Gotham Roll

-Las Vegas Roll

-Rainbow Roll

-Shrimp Crunchy Roll

-Crispy Spicy Tuna

-Trio of Fish Tacos

-Tuna Shashimi
w/ spicy sauce

$11.50 WoW ROLL

-8 pieces of Sushi;
- 4 shrimp tempura & fresh vegies
- & 4 pieces cream cheese and crabfriend
toppings include spicy tuna, crab mix, spicy shrimp, fresh avocado & 5 variety sauces

$2 Hot Sake

$3 Bud, $4 Kirin



-Hayes Ranch


-Canyon Road Chardonay

-Cabernet Sauvignon

$5.75 MENU

-Benihana Punch

-Mai Thai

-Benihana Mojito

-Beni Tini

-Sake Sangria

Commonly referred to as ‘Japanese steakhouses’ or Hibachi grills, teppanyaki combines getting a delicious meal made for you with the showmanship of a professional chef crafting it right in front of you. At Benihana, you will enjoy the smells and sounds along with the visual show that the chef at your table will perform, constructing all manner of amazing dishes using skill and technique that will leave you more than impressed. What better way add to the enjoyment of things by throwing in some wonderful deals and savings such as those found during the Benihana Happy Hour?

When is the Benihana Happy Hour?

The Benihana Happy Hour runs from Mondays through to Fridays meaning you have plenty of time to go on down and check out this unique but fantastic food. With the happy hours operating from 4pm till 7pm, you can pop on in for a dinner with a difference or simply enjoy some of your favourite Japanese cuisine.

With a great selection of both food and drink, you be safe in the knowledge that visiting your local Benihana won’t leave you disappointed!

What Can I Get From the Benihana Happy Hour?

What can’t you get!? There is wonderful array of numerous different foods, all coming with that signature tappanyaki flavour. For anyone who has not tried this type of food before, there won’t be a better time to stop on by and see for yourself just what the fuss is about! With so many different combinations of meat and veg able to create awesome flavourful dishes, you can be sure to find something that tickles your taste buds!

For those who love teppanyaki, the Benihana Happy Hour offers the perfect opportunity to get all of your favourite dishes for amazingly low prices! Either way you will be saving a fair amount of money, eating and drinking all of your favourites!


Benihana Hours are going to vary by location, generally then open at 11:30 AM close at 9:30 PM on the Weekdays from Monday to Thursday, Friday they open at the same time but close a bit late at 11 PM. On Saturday Benihana hours start from 12 PM to 11 PM. and Sundays again from noon and closing early at 9:30 PM as in the weekdays.

FRIDAY 11:30 AM - 11 PM
SUNDAY12 PM - 9:30 PM

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